A British photographer based in the UK, I concentrate on photographing sport at all levels from events for amateurs to the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympic Games and various world championships around the globe.

Having begun my career as the sole photographer on a local newspaper I then moved to a small press agency where I spent five years supplying images to national and international publications and television before turning freelance.

Those early years of my career, though using what are now largely redundant processes in newspaper photography, gave me an insight into how to cover events for such publications. I learnt that it isn't just about being able to capture crucial moments but also knowing the relevance of each image. I learnt the importance of knowing when to escape the "pack" in order to ensure my clients had a wide variety of images to illustrate the story for their diverse readerships. And it was during those days that a competitive nature was instilled in me that gave me a desire to meet deadlines with better images and do so before everybody else. Those early days of my career also taught me to consider how a story may develop, not just in the next few minutes but in the days, weeks, months and years ahead, ensuring the best images will also be available for a client in the future.

At the same time I enjoyed working closely with picture desk staff at publications. Even now I like working on a one-to-one basis so clients know they are discussing their requirements directly with the same photographer whose work they have seen and are commissioning.

TRACK CYCLING-Jason Kenny of Great Britain celebrates winning the 2012 Olympic Games Individual Sprint Final in the Olympic Park Velodrome in London, Great Britain
Jason Kenny Copyright © 2012 Nigel Farrow
(To Licence)